Paper Straw is Not New, What About Knowing Paper Knife, Fork and Spoon?

    Since the ban of plastics, the cutlery industry has changed to use paper straws. The debate about paper straws keeps rolling in. In fact, this indicates the increasing attention from people to environmental protection in this era.

    However, the paper straw is no longer the hot topic!

    When we start to pay attention to the environment and the world sustainable development, it is necessary for us to have more diversified environmental protection solutions. This can be started from paper straws.  In this case, PaperstrawTech has further explored more diversified green tableware from even wider field.

    So here comes the paper knife, fork and spoon! There are even paper cigarette holders and mascara brushes.


    With the strength in mature research and development, PaperstrawTech has invested enormously in product innovation and polishing. Have ever imagined to have paper knives, forks and spoons?

    In using of excellent production technology and 16 layers of paper, PaperstrawTech produced paper knife, fork and spoon that makes environmental protection more easily.

    To drink soup? No problem! With PaperstrawTech’s strict production process, drinking soup is just a piece of cake!

    To have cake? No worries. PaperstrawTech product can easily make it.

    In the pursuit of green, we are running free in cultery industry. In action, we prove our original intention and attitudes towards environmental protection.

    To eat ice cream? The products got tested under low temperature. Thus, having ice cream with it is not a problem at all. People can even have steak in using it? With PaperstrawTech’s production process, eating steak is certainly manageable.

    Compostable Eco-friendly Cardboard Paper Cutlery Disposable Paper Utensils

    Except for F&B industry, there are also paper cigarette holder and mascara brush that you can’t imagine.

    Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable garbage. It not only corrodes the land in surroundings, and reduces the land’s ability to conserve water and fertilizer greatly, but also deteriorates water quality. This causes inconvenience in water resources usage. Thus, the environmental problems caused by smoking is an indispensable part to handle. With a focus on cigarette holder, PaperstrawTech developed a new version that is more environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It hopes to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection through this small cigarette holde.

    As for mascara brushes, PaperstrawTech has made new progress in the cosmetic field through advanced tube rolling technology. Paper mascara brushes can effectively replace disposable plastic mascara brushes. Even for the need of producing the tube body at 2 mm, it can be made by PaperstrawTech.

    In the exploration of environmental protection, PaperstrawTech never stops.

    With the sincere aspiration, PaperstrawTech will continue to strive forward in the exploration of environmental protection. In the future, based on constantly consolidating the strength of the existing environmental protection products, PaperstrawTech will constantly innovate and strive to develop new products to replace single-use plastic ones.

    Compostable Eco-friendly Cardboard Paper Cutlery Disposable Paper Utensils

    In this road, we need to experience a lot of grinding and persistence. Although the investment is huge, PaperstrawTech take this mission of environmental protection as its power to move forward. Starting from ourselves, we believe that we can shed the light and attract more people in environmental protection. Eventually those lights will converge into the bright sea with the lights of environmental protection on the earth.