Replacing plastic straws with paper straws is inevitable

    The problem with plastic straws has been a trend for years now. Paper has been witnessing solid rise in demand as an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to single use plastic, which indicates a massive opportunity for paper straws in the near future. Currently, plastic straws and paper straws collectively account for the most of global market revenues.

    Replacing plastic straws with paper straws is inevitable

    With more and more people joining in on this movement, brands have started investing their money into marketing campaigns to increase awareness of environmentally friendly options like reusable or compostable alternatives that can be passed off as regular blenders when needed but really do make life easier by reducing waste!

    The demand for eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to single use plastics is strong and this indicates a massive opportunity in the near future. Paper straws currently account for most global revenues earned from both paper products like disposable cups or plates as well as non-paper goods such atapsacks made with 100% recycled material which can be printed onto custom logos providing consumers another way of displaying their brand identity while reducing waste by 40%.

    With the rise of environmental awareness, many companies have started using reusable straws. The reason for this change is that single-use plastic throws are not eco-friendly because they take up to 1000 years before being recycled or burnt which can cause pollution in our water systems.

    In an effort at reducing its impact on Earth by implementing more sustainable options such as paper and bio based materials instead Starbucks partnered with various foodservice providers like McDonald’s so customers could enjoy a cold beverage without worrying about compromising their environment.

    The global straw market is anticipated to grow at a rate of 3.8% per year through 2022, fueled by online food services and e-caterings that provide convenient delivery with low costs for packaging solutions coupled with efficient supply chains across countries worldwide!

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