recyclable paper straws


People Who Care,
Fight For It.

With more and more people concerned about serious dangers that plastic straws pose to our Earth and oceans, people turn to biodegradable paper straws to replace the harmful plastic ones.

Paper straws are seeing a demand surge in the wake of the plastic straw controversy.

What RainbowBear was doing 6 years ago is ahead of its time and now everything's catching up. We continue to make a difference for our environment and your health!


People Who Fight,
Perfect It.

There has been more than one substitute for plastic straws. Almost everyone now understands that the paper straws are of significance, yet there are still shortcomings.

We spare no effort to improve the manufacturing technology time and time again. Here at RainbowBear, perfection guides us.

discussing paper straws manufacturing technology
paper straws collected in the ocean


A Green Philosophy

We believe paper straw business is a business that will contribute to the protection of our planet and oceans from detriments caused by plastic straws.

This is an aspiring business that enables us to play a role in protecting and creating a sustainable living environment for each being on the Earth. 

We will adhere to advocating and promoting our philosophy and we will make every effort to have more and more people joining the green movement.