Biodegradability Testing

We strive on protecting the environment --- All paper straws from RainbowBear are proven biodegradable in soil and sea. It is reported in our experiment that our paper straws made of environmentally friendly material can be fully degraded within 3 months.

  • degradability experiment in the 14th day

    14th Day

    The paper straw was still in good condition.

  • degradability experiment in the 40th day

    40th Day

    It was getting soft with a lighter color.

  • degradability experiment in the 90th day

    90th Day

    It was totally degraded in the soil.


We keep every piece of paper straw is in strict compliance with the specification of your order.

You are sure to get the right size of products --- We carefully check the sizes using micrometer calipers.

checking size of a paper straw


For 1 More Hour Sipping

We pay special attention to the service life of paper straws. Using the UV Dryer, the paper straws are dried up and cohered tightly.

It is a significant step that makes our paper straws stand out by featuring 1 more hours of service life compared to the others.

paper straws being dried

Visual Inspection

When the paper straws are finished by the machines, we will inspect them to check if there are flaws.

Upon thoroughly examining the seam and shape, we will remove the imperfect straws before final packaging.

visual inspection of the produced paper straws

Color Examination

To ensure that the finished paper straws are consistent with the specifications of your order, we will examine the products using the originally designed styles.

By doing so, we are confident that neither color deviation nor style mistake will occur.

checking the colors with the pantone

Soaking Testing

We put the paper straws into different kinds of liquids to test their functioning time.

The testing result shows that our paper straws will not get soggy or disintegrated within 3 hours.

We are so proud to say that our paper straws do not fall apart for even 24 hours.

soaking test

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