RainbowBear Compostable Eco-friendly Cardboard Paper Cutlery Disposable Paper Utensils

RainbowBear Paper Cutlery is the best alternative to harmful plastic ones. Family members of RainbowBear Paper Cutlery: Paper Fork, Paper Knife, Paper Spoon, Paper Spork and Paper Desert Spoon. A perfect addition to party, weddings, baby showers, or events. Rainbowbear is proud of playing an important role in creating a greener world with our premium biodegradable paper cutlery.

  • Size: Fork: 129mm/5.08” (Size S) and 157mm/6.19” (Size L); Knife: 132mm/5.2” (Size S) and 158mm/6.22” (Size L); Spoon: 132mm/5.2” (Size S) and 156mm/6.15 (Size L); Spork: 160mm/6.3”; Desert Spoon: 94mm/3.70”.
  • Material: 9 layers FSC kraft paper, FDA approved glue and ink.
  • Feature: 100% Biodegradable and compostable. Biodegrade in 100 days in a backyard compost or ocean environment.
  • Durability: A Go-To option for caterers and restaurant owners when choosing sustainable products.
  • Certification: FSC, FDA.
  • Standard Package: 100 pcs/opp bag/type, or pack in bulk, 2000 pcs/carton/type.
  • Custom Service: Customized cardboard cutlery and package are available.
  • Manufacturer: Zhangzhou RainbowBear.
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China.

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