In this summer, how do you find the paper straws you used?

    In response to the plastic ban, paper straws has quietly take over the market. However, the practical usage performance of paper straws has caused complain from consumers. Especially, in the hot summer, having a glass of cold drink daily is common for young workers.

    A glimpse of paper straws usage experience

    Lack of hardness and sharpness in paper straws, which makes it difficult to put into the drink. After queueing for a long time, consumers finally get the drink and open the straw packaging. The awkward moment comes——They cannot put the paper straws into the drink.

    Difficult to suck it up using paper straws. When you happily add in your favorite ingredients, such as tapioca and puddings, you will find using paper straws is really challenging your patience in drinking it. It is too difficult to take these auxiliary ingredients using paper straws.

    Getting bad or soften after soaking in a period of time. Finally, you get to drink it for some time. But find the straws becoming soft or even getting bad gradually. Don’t you feel like to cry?

    Having a strange taste that affect the original taste of the drinks. While drinking the former favorite drinks, you feel the taste is a little unusual. Does the taste change? No! It’s the problem of paper straws! I think most of the people have the above mentioned experience. In addition, a person who enjoys biting straws needs to control this impulsion, if he or she wants to finish a drink smoothly in using paper straws. In order to persist on the environmental protection, do we have to endure these drawbacks of paper straws? Is this summer doomed to be overshadowed by the paper straws?

    o! PaperstrawTech lets the paper straws to be what it supposed to be!

    PaperstrawTech takes the duty for environmental protection. PaperstrawTech protects environment and consumers in attaining the high quality of raw materials, production technology, food safety and personalization.

    1.Solving the problem of poor drinking experienceat the root.

    Paper straws with poor usage experience generally use lighter paper materials with less layers. However, standing at the point of meeting customer needs and adapting to different usage scenarios, PaperstrawTech applies high-quality traceable pulp paper certified by FSC.

    With a target to the overseas cold drink market, PaperstrawTech uses three layers of raw pulp paper in producing paper straws. This not only reduce paper waste, but also guarantee the drinking experience. In addition, using four layers of paper can help maintain the hardness and increase the durability of paper straws. This can also make the paper straws get adapted to hot drinks.

    2. To ensure product quality with mature and comprehensive manufacturing process.

    From the raw paper to machine cutting paper; from printing to drying; from final packaging to product storages, PaperstrawTech has carried out strict monitor at each stage to avoid the problems of product quality and easily soften paper straws. The product has been tested to be able to maintain a good result.

    After being soaked in-5℃ milk tea for 17 hours, the paper straw just slightly cracks in its glue and can still be used smoothly.

    3. Standard factoriesbased on Japanese market make consumers more assured.

    We have maintained long-term cooperation with the Japanese market. Under the strict supervision of Japanese market, the operation management system and process of the factory has reached the standards in cleanness, sanitary and safety.

    4. Personalizedservices and comprehensive catering accessories services for enterprise. 

    The outstanding work team guarantees our research and development ability in environmental protection. We are able to meet the diversified needs of many enterprises, such as cartoon pattern customization, independent customized packaging and flexible size and length customization.

    In addition, in the market of Amazon, the types of our products and services have surpassed many brands, such as paper knives, paper forks and paper spoons. Plentiful types of products make the competiveness of PaperstrawTech products hard to overestimate.

    In this summer, the go green of PaperstrawTech will be continuing.