Rising to challenges, PaperstrawTech laid out a new track for sustainable development

    Introduction: People-oriented philosophy. Redefining environmental protection.

    On January 1, 2021,The Country’s regulations on the “Prohibition of non-degradable plastic straws in the catering industry” came into effect. Once the regulations were issued, this has caused an uproar in the entire industry. Getting the most public attention, paper straws starts to be widely used by various restaurants. Many terminal companies have announced to stop using plastic straws successively.

    From the overall point of view, environmental protection is a fundamental problem drawing the attention of the whole world. It is related to the future of mankind and the earth, and is the common will for the benefit of all mankind. Therefore, the starting point of the regulations is based on the concept of environmental protection. However, some problems that cannot be neglected are happening while the regulations is implemented.


    01 “An anti-human design”? The roaring of consumers!

    With the consistent negative feedbacks, paper straws are mostly labelled by many netizens with labels like “Soften right after brewing”, “Shattered as soon as you drink” and “Sticky right after encountering lipstick”. Paper straw is even recognized as an anti-human design. Even U.S. President Donald Trump has joined to criticize the campaign of banning disposable plastic strews. He complained the inconvenience of paper straws and questioned why did people against plastic straws, as there was nothing wrong with it. He even promoted disposable plastic straws on the campaign websites.

    The original intention of environmental protection is for the development of mankind and the earth, but in response to the needs of policies, it destroys the life experience of mankind. From this perspective, it seems to be contrary to the “people-oriented” philosophy. There is still a lot of room for us to think about.


    02 It is too difficult! Companies are challenged in considering production cost.

    The restaurants are the first ones that response to this policy. According to the analysis of market surveys, the production cost of paper strews is four times higher than that of plastic straws. Therefore, the production cost of paper straws is an important concern for the decision-making of many companies. Finding products that can replace plastic straws and guiding consumers to use them become the highest priority.

    In the current market, a batch of low-cost and simple-manufactured paper straws firstly emerged. This has become the choice for a great many of companies to meet the needs of regulations. However, the consumer experience has been completely degraded in this process. In such situation, how to control the cost and also improve customer experience has become a big challenge. Some designers of the straws factories are usually only focusing on the environmental characteristics of materials, but neglecting the fundamental premise that the consumers are the specific individuals.


    O3 PaperstrawTech, focusing on the future and laying out the track of sustainable development

    “At first, the real environmental protection should not affect the user experience. Companies can research and develop a variety of materials to replace difficult degraded plastic straws and develop large-scale production to reduce costs.” Said by Yu Yuan who advocates the zero-waste lifestyle.

    High-quality paper straws can reach a balance between environmental protection and user experience. High-quality raw materials and technology can make the paper straws soak for several hours without affecting its use. PaperstrawTech believes that paper straws are not substitutes, but the revere of the environment and the deep understanding of users.

    In keeping a balance between the need for environmental protection and the user experience, we are constantly overcoming difficult problems. In alignment with a series of testing standards, we have made the papers straw reach to the ultimate of high-quality, high-attractiveness and true safety. With the biodegradable and traceable paper source, we use the edible materials like raw pulp paper to ensure the children and pregnant women to use the products more assuredly. The four-layer thick paper greatly increases the toughness of the paper tableware and brings a much more comfortable dining experience.

    On the track of sustainable development, environmental protection and user experience are equally important. With our persistent attitude, we aim to make the environmental protection to be more approachable in the future.