Rich Harvest after RaibowBear Joined the FHM 2019

    On September 24th, 2019, RainbowBear Joined the Food & Hotel Malaysia (also known as FHM) at the KLCC, Kuala Lumpur and received rich harvest. This is the first time RainbowBear Jointed this exhibition, and also the first time RainbowBear exhibits in an international exhibition since it begins its exploration in the international market.



    During the four days’ exhibition from Sep. 24th to 27th, RaibowBear received more than a thousand visitors and exchanged 300+ name cards with customers who are interested to cooperate in the paper straw industry. Deals were settled on site during the time, including with the giant milk tea brand TEALIVE, the most popular milk tea supplier in Malaysia.


    With more and more countries joining the moves banning plastics, RainbowBear will continue its further cooperation in Malaysia market and to the Southeast Asia to bring a greener world.

    Customers selecting samples

    Visit from regular client


    Deal settled on site with local restaurant chain stores



    People come and go